Das in Ghana abgelegte Geld

…oder „ach genau, der“

Spammails der besonderen Art (eben durch den Google Spamfilter gekommen, was wirklich selten passiert):

Dear Good one,

Please don’t get angry to me.I got your contacts from my late husband
diary when he came back from switzerland last two years for his medical
check up, i don’t know how my husband get your contact but i know you must
have done something with my husband or maybe you were the doctor who
treated my husband when he came to Zurich switzerland for his check
up.Because of this,i have put all my trust in you to help me clear the
funds and Golds which my late husband deposited in the Bank here in Ghana
before he died.

I am in a sick bed and i want you to stand as the beneficiary of this
funds as my husband foreign partner so that the Bank can release and
transfer this funds into your Bank account in Switzerland so that my
children can come to your country and start a new life with the funds.I
will appreciate if you will help my children invest the funds in a good
business in switzerland so that when they are old enough to take care of
their self,they will continue from where you stop in the business.

You will never regret helping our family in this because we are ready to
compersate you extraordinarily as soon as the Bank Approve and transfer
the funds into your Bank account.This can be done only Bank to Bank
transfer and there in no risk in this because i have all the documents
related to this funds is just that i cannot be able to take care of the
transfer as am in the hospital very ill that is why i need you to stand as
my husband foreign partner to ask for the release of the funds into your
Bank account.

Please get back to me to let me know if you can do this or not so that i
can know what next to do.I will like you to give me your private contact
number and contact address if you are ready to help me and my children.

Thanks for your understanding and kindness.

Mrs Gifty Abavana.

Note:Please try and answer my mail even if you are not going to help ok.

ja neee – is klar.

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